Barriers and drivers regarding adult education, skills acquisition and innovative activity (BRAIN) (12820338)

  • Status: Avsluttet
  • Prosjektnr: 516063
  • Start: 01.01.2014
  • Slutt: 31.12.2017
  • Finansiering: Norges forskningsråd


A central objective of the BRAIN project is the application of PIAAC data to conduct international comparisons on different aspects of adult learning. The primary objective is to increase the understanding of the conditions that lead to a high level of learning in the adult population, by empirically looking at the interrelationship between learning, characteristics of work organisations and institutional framework conditions in selected north European countries. The project aims at contributing to an explanation of seemingly puzzling findings at the national level concerning adult skills, participation in adult learning and the rate of innovation in firms/organisations.

The project is organized as four sub-projects: 1) Skills levels and skills acquisition, 2) Participation in adult learning, 3) Training, skills and innovation, and 4) Learning processes in enterprises – ‘virtuous-circle’ organisations. The fourth project uses mainly qualitative data, whereas the first mentioned three projects use quantitative data, mainly PIAAC data.

In addition, a PhD-project called ‘Drivers and barriers in adult education: How and why are there differences among workers in various industries?’ is connected to the project.

The project involves participation by a group of researchers at NIFU, international scholars and different institutions, national as well as international.


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